GL Gets Fit #50 {plateaus} Weight Loss Motivation | "Weight" No Longer LLC | Niantic, CT Loves!  I think my pre-trip weight was a fluke…I’ve been stuck around the same pound – give or take half a pound for two weeks!  ACK!! Here’s what happens – you start healthy habits and then your body looses weight at a decent rate and then comes a point that almost everyone on this journey hits – a wall.  Eating less, exercising more, and you still are stuck.   Continue reading

GL Gets Fit #47 {road trip & lessons learned}

One workout at a time, One day at a time, One meal at a time #motivation #fitfluential #fitquoteHi Loves!  At the end of last week I officially crossed the 1 year mark!!!  YAY!! Also on that day I embarked on a 6 hour road trip with my family to the black hills of South Dakota.  If you’ve been in that part of the country you know its rural enough that there are few convenience stores along the interstate and even fewer healthy choices. (Confession: I was making a few bad food choices the day before we left too…) Continue reading