GL Gets Fit { weekly update #15 }

TodayHi Loves! How are you this week?  This was a hard week for me, well…more frustrating!  I had meetings a few nights, worked late another night…and I have to confess that I skipped a couple days. :(

Its better for me to be honest and just put it out there.  Emotionally, I’ve just felt drained and pushed to my limits this week.  I think it was mainly stacking a few things on top of each other that got to me. However – like my quote for the week – today is a new day.  A day to start fresh and keep going. Continue reading

GL Gets Fit ~ New Challenge { weekly update #13 }

Hi Loves! This week marks starting a new 30 day challenge and finding a new way to challenge myself.  I’m really excited for this one, and its the most complex one I’ve tried so far!

While I’ve done the plank challenge and the back challenge both really worked over my arms and back so this new challenge is the:

30 Day Thigh Challenge!

I feel like I need to work over my legs instead of focusing on another challenge that targets my arms.  This will be interesting since I have had issues with my knees and ankles but I’m up for trying it and I’ll modify the movements if necessary.   Continue reading

5 Hour Energy Drink LBBC Toast! #5hourGoesPink

20141015_135151[1]Hi Loves!  See my original post for 5 Hour Energy Drink by clicking {here}.

5-Hour Energy is encouraging people to do a toast to LBBC – I felt that since this is a issue close to my heart it deserved its own post!  Here’s mine! :)

This toast is to the fighters, the survivors, and those who lost the battle.  This toast is for my grandma who fought back and is no longer with us.  This toast is for my Aunt who kicked cancer in the butt and just finished her last treatment a month ago. This toast is for a girl I went to school with who was diagnosed in her 30′s with it and finished her last treatment a couple days ago.  I toast to you – fellow men and women that we be aware of this disease and continue to support finding a cure, support fighting back, and support each other. #5hourGoesPink

Thank you 5 Hour Energy for supporting a wonderful cause – I tag any of you that see this in a store to pick up a bottle, try it, and support the cause.

Cheers!  xo-Jen

*I was sent this product from Smiley360 and 5Hour Energy – I did not purchase this product myself – it was sent to me for free for reviewing purposes.