GL Gets Fit #42 {Memorial Day!}

Be mindful of what you are eating during the winter months.Hi Loves!  I hope you all had a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend and a chance to enjoy an extra day with friends and family.  Memorial Day is a big tradition in my family.  My dad and uncles served in/during Vietnam, and my Grandpa was in the Army in WWII.  Observing Memorial Day has been a tradition I grew up with – the thought of not taking part in some observation seems odd but I think I’m a minority in formally observing it at a graveside service.  None the less – I still thank and honor all veterans.  If you don’t attend services its okay, you can still thank or recognize the veterans in your life in your own way. Continue reading

GL Gets Fit #40 {two is too much!}

move it.Hi Loves! I tried for a week and a half of two challenges but its just not working out for me. I was working late this week and just couldn’t find the motivation for the plank challenge, yoga, an arm challenge, and getting my steps in.  I had a recovery/lazy day on  Friday and while I’m motivated to stick with the arm challenge the plank challenge is too much right now. Continue reading