GL Gets Fit {weekly update #6}

Hi Loves!  It literally just dawned on me that this is 6 weeks my get fit journey.  So time to take a step back.  In six weeks I’ve lost around 10 pounds and 1o inches.  Now…I’m going to be honest…I haven’t been “working” that hard at getting fit.  Actually, I’ve been pretty lazy at it.  One thing that helped keep me accountable was a 30 day challenge.  I got satisfaction from crossing off each day – and it kept me going because my check list was also hanging right beside my computer on my desk.  It was in my face constantly – and motivated me to cross off another day. Continue reading

Wine Weekend ~ Nissen Winery – Hartington, NE

PicsArt_1409919315276Hi Loves! I was celebrating my birthday with a few friends a couple weeks ago and a few of us checked out a local winery before dinner.  We had such a great time I wanted to share it with you!  (I know very few of my readers are in the midwest – but just in case you are in the area – check these guys out!) Continue reading