Frugal Friday – Cheap Glasses!? Part 1 of 3

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Hi Loves!  First a little story.  I’ve worn glasses since Jr High.  I have an astigmatism in my eyes and a few years ago while in grad school I started getting terrible headaches.  I mean they were migraine status but I could never completely kick them. They kept coming back.  I was looking at what I was eating, cleaning with, candles I was burning.  I was wracking my brain trying to figure out what was triggering them.  I can’t explain them other than to say they were in my eyes, I was nauseous, and they were just “different” feeling. Continue reading

Evian Spray on your big day! {review}

wp-1476753821892.jpgHi Loves!  While I am not getting married any time soon.  I was given the chance to try Evian Spray in prepping for a big day.  (That said, I didn’t buy this – it was sent to me to try in exchange for sharing it with you my awesome readers!)  Be that a wedding – homecoming dance (if you’re younger) – date night.  The possibilities are endless.  I’ve seen this in Sephora and Ulta but never tried it.  I do love face mists but typically go towards setting sprays or toner sprays instead. Continue reading

Frugal Friday – Do you budget?!

benjamin franklin quote | bring joyHi Loves!  So the word budget is hit and miss.  Some people love the idea, while the word makes others cringe.  Plus – creating and following a budget can seem like a very complicated and daunting task.  But really… its only as difficult as you make it.

Maybe I’m biased since I work in accounting as a profession, but its not really that difficult.  It does however take a bit of time. Continue reading

Frugal Friday – EASY Cash Back?!

Follow my simple rules to help navigate you through your favourite  online shopping sites and save you from a case of buyer’s remorse!!: Hey Loves!  I shop online.  A lot.  Mainly because I live in rural Nebraska and my nearest department stores or even Walmart & Target are 45-60 minutes away.  That being said, I really love cash back sites like Shop At Home & Ebates.  Since you kind of know my shopping style by now, it probably won’t surprise you that I compare the cash back rates of both before shopping online and pick the one with the better rate. Continue reading