Frugal Fridays {NO Spendtember update}

Put the emphasis in your life on faith, family, and health. ~Dave Ramsey: Hey Loves!  We are half through NO Spendtember!! I thought I’d share an update on how things were going.  I’m doing pretty good but its hard at times.

So – OMG – the challenge is real y’all!  I am so tempted every day by emails about sales.  I’ve gone to just deleting them, I don’t even open them.  The temptation is so hard for me but so far – no online purchases for myself/personal use. Continue reading

GL Gets Fit #111 {netflix & …walk!}

Womens Motivational Fitness | Inspirational Fitness | Crazy Fitness |Gym Motivation | Cool Fitness Posters: Hi Loves.  I’m still seriously lacking motivation.  I attempted to set the intention of working out 10 minutes a day last week.  I did 40 minutes Wednesday, and 45 minutes Sunday, and 45 minutes Monday.  So sort of a fail at that one….but not really?!

I’m also a planner.  I have my paper planner open on my desk daily and wasn’t using it the past week or so.  Some how – if I pencil it in and get to cross it off every day – that also helps me.

Continue reading

Frugal Fridays {money tip – track it}

 : Hi Loves!  So I mentioned Dave Ramsey before but I really do like his style and find him inspiring when it comes to money.  This is sort of a mashup of his idea and one I’ve gotten from another financial guy I like Adam Carroll.

Adam suggests tracking your money on a notepad you carry everywhere.  Dave suggests making a budget and tracking your spending there.  This is my take on the two.  And it seems to be working for me! Continue reading