Welcome to my review blog!

This is my first entry into my blog that exclusively revolves around reviewing products and how I manage to try and keep full size products from various sites – for FREE!  Yes FREE!  Over the years I have become more frugal – while in college I fell into the credit card tornado and as I dig myself out I am finding ways to use coupons, get free products, review products, and find ways to keep walking towards the light at the end of the tunnel! 

First of all I want to share with you an update on one of my latest trials.  I am a bzzagent (www.bzzagent.com) through this program I have had several free trials that come with coupons for friends and family.  The catch (theres always one right?!) is that I use the product for a while and give it every test I can to form a solid opinion of how much I like or dislike it.  Good, bad, or ugly – I share my opinions with bzzagent who gives the feedback to the company as well as friends and family.

This week my latest bzzcampaign was shipped out for a Phillips Satin Perfect Epilator Kit!  I’m going to be honest, I about fell out of my chair when I saw that amazon.com has it retailing for near $100.  I’ve never used an epilator so stay tuned for a review in a few weeks about how much I like or dislike it. 

My main recommendation for your first act of freebie-ism is to sign up for becoming a bzzagent. 

I have tested the following products:

  • covergirl natureluxe foundation & lip balm (approx $20 value)
  • trendmicro antivirus software for my computer and smartphone (approx $80 value)
  • burts bees sensitive skin cleanser and moisturizer (approx $20 value)
  • phillips satin perfect epilator kit (approx $100)

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