Bzzing about Philips Epilator

Today I received my bzzkit with my Philips SatinPerfect Epilator!  (I am a bzzagent and have received this product for free, I am not being paid by bzzagent, or Philips.)  I immediately had to open it up and see this amazing product and how it worked.  First of all – its loud, much louder than I imagined it would be.  I can definitely overlook this – IF – my hair doesn’t grow back for 3-4 weeks like the claims state.  Second – I was super nervous about trying this.  I read the reviews of other bzzagents who said how painful it was, imagine plucking your leg hairs out one by one…not a very nice image.  One reviewer said they would prefer a tattoo to this.  The good news – it didn’t hurt that bad, if anything its more of an annoying sting that goes away after about ten minutes.  The directions say to do it after showering when the hair is softer – you know I couldn’t wait!  I just tried it on a spot on my calf and was AMAZED!   Now – I have been told I have a higher pain tolerance so that could help me.  I would say that this technique might not be the best for everyone but I’m going to finish my legs and update you as to how long before I feel the stubbles.  I can say that every time I shave with a razor…which I’ve done my whole life…immediately after getting goosebumps I have stubble.  Today I walked outside after I used the epilator, its cold out and snowy, but guess what?!  Baby smooth! 🙂  First impressions are very VERY good!

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