My Bzzagent Review for the Philips Epilator (after trying it!)

Love it…BUT take your time!  🙂


I was actually nervous to try this. After reading reviews of pain and the mere thought of it ripping out hair was not a pleasant image. However, I didn’t mind the pain! Don’t get me wrong – its not that it doesn’t hurt but I can tolerate it. To me it was more of an annoying sting. NOTE: I have only tried this on my legs. I have super sensitive underarms so I’m still debating if I want to try it!

First of all the good parts:

-Love the little light! At first I thought really? A light?! But for me it actually lit up the skin on my leg to let me know if I missed anything.

-Love the accessories to give you options. I have only tried the suggested head for newbies but like that I have options.

-It works on my legs. Even after walking out in winter weather and getting goosebumps (which usually ruined freshly shaved legs) I still have no hairs or stubble! The negatives: -As with just about every other review I’m reading, yes it is LOUD! Maybe even a little intimidating…at first.

-You have to take your time or it won’t get the hairs. It’ll just break them off and leave you with stubs. I realized that once I got used to the feel I went at a part of my leg like I was shaving, while I felt the epilator pulling the hairs, it didn’t remove all the hair and now they are too short so shaving was my only option. I am blaming myself not the epilator because it says to go slow.

The negative side!

-OMG the instructions are insane. Design flaw on Philips part, I would have much rather had a little book w/ table of contents than a big long poster sized sheet that we have to fold and unfold every time. This aspect almost makes an expensive product look cheap.

Overall, I am totally recommending this to my friends and family. With the advice to take their time and go slow. Also holding the skin tight helped and making sure you are riding on top of the skin. I noticed that at one point I had it on and as I was putting it on my leg it caught a couple hairs and those HURT! I’m thinking because it pulled both the skin and hair…so beware of that! Thank you so much bzzagent for this awesome opportunity!

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