More free opportunities!

So today I was just invited by Expo to review a product from Garnier Fruitis – the catch is that you need a webcam and just do a simple review of what they send. Should be easy enough since I’ve done a review for bzzagent.

Check out if you are interested – I’ve been a member since last fall and this is my first “successful” invite. I had an invite for another product but the spots filled up before I got logged in. You will need a webcam and will need to post a review of yourself reviewing the product.

Also another free site to sign up on. – if you enjoy cooking and making meals this is a good one. I have gotten several coupons for free products that Kraft is just coming out with. The other day I got one for a free pkg of Kraft Fresh Take – around a $3.50 value. I had a coupon from their website for $1.50 off and got it at walmart for aound 2.00 which isn’t too bad for a bag of cheese. This also has a separate bag of bread crumbs so you can use it as a stuffing or coating. I’m dying to try some stuffed pasta shells using an Italian blend of the product. I’m also looking forward to trying the Mexican or Southwest Blend.

Under Kraft first taste – I’ve gotten free full size products of marshmellows, cottage cheese, Philly cream cheese spreads, and many others.

Good luck & Happy Shopping! 🙂

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