Science Diet Ideal Balance Grain Free Cat Food Review

Hi Friends! Ellie has been happily eating her new food for just about a week. Typically she has to be transitioned over to new food by mixing them gradually. This time, she went right for the food which is wonderful! Just a couple facts that I like about this food.

-Chicken is the #1 ingredient! Not full of fillers.
-Free of corn & artificial flavors, colors, and preservatives.
-Contains fruits and vegetables!

Upon opening it, it has a smell that is different than normal cat food. I’ve read several reviews that cite the smell as a major turn off. Personally, if Ellie eats it and keeps it down the smell doesn’t bother me. This smells more meaty to me, and for the first time, it smells like food!

My one very small complaint is that a 2.5 pound bag costs $13.99 online at petfood direct. I got it for free but I’m not sure I’d spend that much on a small bag. Her normal PurinaOne is a 7 lb bag for about $11.00 at petsmart.

Note: I did get this as part of being a bzzagent and did not pay for it.

See Ellie’s Opinion in the pictures! 🙂

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