I was a Self Beauty Awards Tester! (Read the Self May 2012 Issue!)


I applied for this last fall and was selected to try out products in December 2011.  We had to keep it under wraps until the May issue came out.  It was really hard because I was so excited to try out four pretty cool products.  While I didn’t get any high end products like some – I was happy that 3 out of the 4 were available near by – so if I do love one, it wouldn’t cost an arm and a leg to get!

Here are the products I received!  I was in the “general scrub” category.  We were to try each for 1-2 weeks and pick our favorites.


Here is my review posted to the private facebook group wall – It was fun to read what others were testing and their reviews as we tried the products.

My recommendations if anyone is looking for a new scrub to exfoliate with are: 
#1 True Blue Spa Apricot & White Tea Supremely Smooth – smells amazing and left my face scrubbed but not red and felt very soft. It also cleared up some break outs from my #4 choice! 

#2 Yes To Tomatoes Daily Acne Scrub – I have combination skin that randomly breaks out…I thought I was over zits at 28 but they’ll probably never go away! This actually cleared my skin but was a little rough so be careful so you don’t over scrub! The smell was a little tomatoey but it worked so I could overlook it!

#3 Cauldalie Deep Exfolatior – it was ok, very fine scrub which feels nice but made me red after I rinsed my face and I didn’t over use it. Did cause a few minor red (raw?)patches that made me feel like I needed extra mositure or something to help.

#4 Lather Skin Polish – this one I was very excited to try. Its a tube of powder that you sprinkle over your cleanser. Mix and then apply. I was dissapointed when I was getting breakouts from it. Might have been too much for my crazy skin and it seemed to take forever to wash off which annoyed me since I seem to always be rushed in the mornings.

Thank you self for letting me try these!

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