Glade Oil Diffuser & Mist



As being a member of bzzagent, I was able to test out Glade’s latest products in stylish designs and designer scents.  As being a bzzagent I was given coupons for a free oil diffuser and fragrance mist.  First off – I had to literally hunt to find this in my local Wal-Marts.  I carried the coupons to three different stores in three different towns during various weekend trips.  I was finally able to find them.  Unfortunately there was only one fragrance choice for the oil diffuser [Pineapple & Mangosteen] and two choices for the fragrance mist [Pineapple & Magonsteen OR Cotton & Italian Mandarin].

I chose the pineapple & magosteen for the oil diffuser and cotton & Italian mandarin for my spray.

For the oil diffuser – It has a beautiful design.  I love the wooden “screen” that is in front of the white diffuser card which the scent is emitted from.  The scent is tropical with out being the smell of suntan lotion and also smells more feminine than one might think.  A huge plus is the fact that it is nearly impossible to spill.  Reed diffusers from the past that I’ve had were wooden sticks in the bottle of oil and with pets that is an invitation to create a mess.  My one negative comment is that it is a strong scent for a small apartment however for a home I think it would be lovely and inviting.

The other product I tested was the fragrance mist – which I adore.  I love “clean” or “laundry” smells.  To me that is the prefect scent for a home that is welcoming and homey.  In the past I did buy this product in lavender & juniper berry which also smells divine if you like lavender.  The bottles are also very clean and sleek looking.  The one negative for this product is that it tends to linger in the air before settling or dissolving into the air.  If you were to spray it and walk right into the area you sprayed you might get the mist on you.  This could be an issue for various upholstery or fabrics.

As always – thanks to bzzagent for allowing me to try another fantastic product.  I have a few coupons for these products left, contact me if you are interested in trying this out!

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