Neutrogena Norwegian Formula!

Hey Friends!
Once again, I have been chosen to participate in a bzzcampaign. This time it is for Neutrogena Norwegian Formula hand cream.

First impressions:
I have been using this for about a week and half on a fairly regular basis and here is what I’m loving about this!

1) The original “original” scent from the past is gone and now there is  a MUCH lighter, cleaner scent that I really like.  Prior to the redesign the scent was stronger and what I might consider too fragrant, the new original scent is very light.  I really don’t like wearing hand creams that are too strong, I just want nice looking hands!

2) I LOVE that there is now a fragrance free version.  To me, as I get more involved in my professional career (accounting for a construction company) I hate shaking hands with people and having them be rough, I also find it distracting when someone puts on really strong hand creams or body lotion.  While in a work or professional setting I strongly believe less is more – especially when I work in a male dominated field.

3) Just a dab – literally – will do it!  Like a pea sized amount is all you need for a few hours.  I have noticed that after a couple hand washes you might want to reapply.  My hands feel much softer than they did a week ago, while my cuticles and nails are still a work in progress, mainly because I work with paper non-stop on a daily basis, they are getting better!

See images below from the other day at work when I had paused during work to take a couple before & after pictures.








“Happy Hands!” 

I will try to keep you updated on how my hands are feeling in a few weeks – so far I would and have highly recommended this to my closest friends and family.  I would recommend either original or fragrance free, it just depends on what you prefer.  The original is a clean scent that would be okay for male or female users but you could play it safe and just go for fragrance free if scents are a concern for you.

Thanks to bzzagent for letting me get in on another super fun campaign!

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