BATTLE of the RAZORS! Gillette Venus vs. Schick Hydro Silk

I was fortunate enough to be selected for another great reviewing opportunity from bzzagent.  FYI – Bzzagent is amazing Social Marketing Company.  They send you new(er) products for free and usually coupons or samples to share with friends you bzz to.  Its very simple, VERY fun, and I get to test out some great products.

This time my subject is the Schick Hydro Silk Razor. Instead of doing your basic review – I wanted to put it head to head with my holy grail razor the Gillette Venus Razor which I have loved for the few years.  (Note – The Venus handle is the Olay version  and the refill is an Embrace for those of you with amazing attention to detail!)  I chose to use each one on one of my under arms – which are extremely sensitive.  Lets see how it goes! 🙂

…Schick WINS!  For the details keep reading!

First – the look.  Schick (blue) is a bit longer and wider.


Here is Reason #1 why I think Schick is better.  The size and handle.  Unless you are an itty bitty person (which I am not) you will have average to larger sized ladies hands.  (I wear a glove size M/L for reference)  The handle of the Schick actually fits better and more securely in my hand than the venus.  The larger bottom portion that fits in your palm allows you to hold on comfortably when it is wet or dry.  The second fantastic feature is the little hole near the razor head.  My pointer finger naturally goes to that spot, and provides additional control when using it.  See below:


Reason #2 – Moisturizing Serum?!   Each blade has these lovely little bars that are water activated.  According to Schick they are infused with marine extracts and shea butter.  These amazing little bars release a serum which leaves your skin feeling super soft. I wasn’t sure about the hype on that part since it seems to be the claim of many razors, however this is clearly there as you are using it, and it feels great. The serum also helps you shave closer and not tug on the skin.  (Most of us have been through that horrible situation when you are traveling, forget your razor, and opt get it from the hotel.  You end up with one of those old single blade razors that  feels like it was trying to rip your skin off!)


Reason #3 – The movement of the head.  The combination of the razor handle shape and the amount of curve in the head allows for you to get hard to reach or awkward areas much easier.  My pictures aren’t very good but hopefully you can see how the shape of the handle combined with the flexibility of the razor head puts your hand in different positions.  It feels more comfortable and in control when I use the Schick Hydro.


Finally, how did they stack up after their first use?  To be fair in my review, the venus refill was fresh out of the package so it was the first use of each.  The venus moisturizers stay “goopier” after than the Schick however when both were laid down to dry on the towel (blades down) both stuck to it a little.   About thirty minutes after my shower the skin shaved with Schick feels a little softer but for the most part it is so similar that its hard to truly judge.

Price info:

  • Venus Olay Razor $8.97  – Venus Embrace Refills (4pk) $15.47  or Olay refills (3pk) $15.47  *Prices from
  • Schick Hydro Silk Razor $9.47  – Refills (4pk) $14.97  *Prices from

The price is a bit higher for the Schick razor but the refill is $3.74 while the Embrace refill is $3.68 and the Olay  is $5.16.

Overall – I am now a fan of the Schick Hydro and will gladly share that with anyone who asks!! Thank you for reading and have a lovely day!

11 thoughts on “BATTLE of the RAZORS! Gillette Venus vs. Schick Hydro Silk

    • jen says:

      It’s hard to imagine, but I like my Schick one just a little bit more than my venus, however I have both and use them all the time.

    • Katherine says:

      You should try Schick Quattro! NO RAZOR could ever top that one; I was hooked on the moment I used it and my razor lasted me 8+ years, still in perfect condition.

  1. Katherine says:

    I was first introduced to the Schick Quattro brand when I was 16, and I was amazed by the results! Ever since, I became a loyal Shick Quattro user- never changed and my stick lasted perfectly for the last 8 years, in which I decided to throw away last month because I wanted a new one (however, should you keep this stick clean, it could last you for another 5-6 years more!!) Only changing the blades- that’s a total of 10+ years for a razor!!!!!
    I want to buy a new stick/razor and was wondering how the venus brand is, since I found out about it soon AFTER I used my beloved Quattro, and there was NO way I was going to change; plus the handle and look didn’t seem as professional and steady as the Schick one. Now reading this, I see it is not so good after all. I guess I will continue sticking to Schick Quattro. It really truly is the best razor I have ever used! And I highly recommend it to everyone- man or woman- a good quality long lasting razor haha 🙂

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