Garnier Fructis Miracle Dry Oil Review

What it claims:

“Triple nutrition miracle dry oil leaves you with silky hair, a hydrated face and supple skin, and it saves you time, money and energy.”

Made for everyday use on hair, body and face



Scent is soft and doesn’t linger very long.  The product is made with 3 fruit oils: olive, avocado & shea and the scent does remind me of olive & avocado but not in a weird “food” way just in a nice clean way.

First I tried it on dry skin.  I simply sprayed it on and then quickly ran my hands over my arms and it absorbed almost immediately (with one spritz on each arm).  Then I sprayed a quick spritz over my hair – not a great idea.  I have finely textured – thick hair, and this made it instantly greasy instead of “shiny” like it claims.  Beware if you have finer hair!  A couple days later I did try spraying on my hand and then running my hands through the ends and that worked much better.

Second test: I tried it after I got out of the shower on my arms and legs instead of my normal moisturizer.  It seemed to take longer to absorb and left my skin feeling tacky for quite a while after.  Second tip: spray it all over and then rub it in.  I sprayed it on my arms, worked it in, and then sprayed my legs.  While spraying my legs my hands were still “oily” and it made it hard to hold onto the slim, sleek bottle.

I did not try this on my face.  My face tends to be sensitive and I’m skeptical of putting an oil on it that is not as pure as some products.  I am not sure how this would work on someones face.


Overall – Takeaways (my opinion)

  • Much nicer application and absorption on dry skin vs. damp skin.
  • Spray it every where you plan on using it and then work it in!  The shape of the bottle is not great when you have oily hands!
  • Nice scent that lets you know it is there but disappears after a while.
  • $5.99 suggested retail – cheaper than some lotions and in a convenient spray format could be preferable instead of a lotion or body butter.
  • Does not seem to have the moisturizing power of my favorite body butter by bliss but overall – it would be perfect for the summer when you wouldn’t want as heavy of a product.

*I am a bzzagent – bzzagent sent me this product for free to try out and review.  I did not pay for this.*

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