Broadway Nails imPRESS Review – I was impressed?!

I received the Broadway imPress nails from Influenster in my Spring Voxbox to try out and let you all know what I think of them.  The package claims they will last week, however mine started to loosen after 2 days and I couldn’t stand the “floppy” feeling so took them all off.  *Note – I didn’t make any attempt to protect these as far as being careful doing various tasks.  I wanted to see how they held up to everyday life.  I type at work all day – and come home and do computer work.  The edges did start to chip which I thought was sort of weird since they are “fake” after all.  But I did get several compliments on them despite them not being my style!  Removal was pretty much a breeze, I just sort of pressed them down towards the end of my nails and used some nail polish remover to get any lingering sticky off.  I did see how a couple of nails did have a slight bit of damage on them but nothing too bad.  Here are some thoughts and tips if you want to buy these for your next event!


thoughts during application and on my first day of wearing them.

1-The nails were mostly too wide for my nail bed.  Apparently mine are more narrow and longer than average?! 🙂

2-Peeling off the backing was kind of difficult once I had a few on, I suggest doing this first and then apply them.  As I was peeling the backing off I also noticed that they are sort of soft/flexible.  Not sure if that is good or bad.

3-I don’t like the look of them basically “laying” on top of my nail (see picture above).  To me it looks incredibly fake.  From a distance they don’t look fake but I’m still conscious of them.

4-If you apply pressure to the tips it feels like they move or have some give to them.  Not a fan of that feeling either.  I think they should feel more solid or attached.  This could also be due to them not fitting quite right.

5-I applied them last night and proceeded to blow out my hair with them on.  I figured to get a good test I wanted to put these nails through the paces and see just how good they are.  They stayed on just fine.

6-End of Day 1 after work of typing all day, the ends are chipping (see pic).

Removal Process –

Pretty simple, but I used a q-tip saturated in nail polish remover to work around the sides to help loosen the nails.  It was also helpful in getting any glue that may have been left behind.

Overall – that being said, I would suggest these for a special event – wedding, prom, formal, or a party. has them for around $6.50. They aren’t really something I would invest in but I can say start to finish – they worked a lot better than I would have ever imagined and would recommend these if you are in the market for some press on nails!

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