Weekend Mani ~ Using Sephora by OPI ~ Arm Candy

IMG_20130720_181609_034This weekends manicure is featuring the last of my Sephora by OPI polishes from a haul I did a few weeks ago.  This color is called Arm Candy!  It is very sheer so I had to do three coats to get it this way and it streaks quite easily if you aren’t paying attention!

Sephora describes the color as: opaque bright hot pink.   This is more of a blue toned pink that works nicely with my fair skin – however its not nearly as intense as I thought it would be since it was listed as hot pink.

I will say its a very pretty and versitle color that can work with any situation from a wedding to working in an office!

Thank you for stopping by Gracious Luck and have a wonderful day!

2 thoughts on “Weekend Mani ~ Using Sephora by OPI ~ Arm Candy

  1. shadowdancerx says:

    That seems like a good color. I heard Sephora is discontinuing that polish line but not 100% sure on that. I did hear they are coming out with a new nail polish line.

    • jen says:

      Interesting – that would explain why its half off! 🙂 I really love this line so I might have to pick up a few more just in case I don’t like the new one! lol

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