Quotable Quotes ~ “The Good Life” Link-Up

Welcome to another day in the Good Life and welcome to my fellow Nebraska Bloggers Stopping by from the link up!

I’ve been looking forward to this post because I LOVE quotes! For as long as I can remember (even as a kid) I’ve had quotes hanging in my bedroom, office space, desk, planner, on my phone (in the pinterest app) and of course a pretty good sized pinterest board {see it here!} dedicated to some of my favorite quotes.   Some are funny, some are honest, and some are thought provoking but every single one on my board is one that I think either leaves me thinking or smiling!

I’ve found quotes get me through just about any difficult moment, from the loss of friends and family, to relationships, or just life in general – there’s a quote for it!  Since I can’t possibly pick one…here are a few of my favorites and they are in no particular order!

You've always had the powerYou are in control.

God's blessings in disguise.stars - love this!Character...LOVESometimes....You are confined only by the walls you build yourself #quoteTruth


 Always.... @OscarPRGirl

I believe the the quote or quotes that any of us share in this link up could be a snapshot of that person.  I think you might learn a lot about me in this post just by my selection of quotes.  Truth is we’ve all had varying degrees of difficulty in our lives – I chose to use quotes to stay inspired and focused.  I believe in pushing myself to continually improve professionally and socially.  I have high expectations and I don’t believe that anyone should ever “settle” for anything!  Granted those of us with high expectations may be let down by others every now and then but I might just be foolish enough to think that at some point I might encourage someone to exceed expectations.

Hopefully a couple of these have inspired you to try something new or keep trying.

Have a wonderful day and thanks for stopping by Gracious Luck!

7 thoughts on “Quotable Quotes ~ “The Good Life” Link-Up

    • jen says:

      Thank you Kadi! 🙂 It’s something I try to do every week – the hard part is digging thru my stash and figuring out which color I want to do next!

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