Frugal Friday ~ Quick Tip {beauty}


I buy cotton rounds to take off makeup, to apply toner, to remove nail polish, etc.  The uses are endless with these little gems!  But 90% of the time I use them to take off makeup and you’re *supposed* to only use one per eye so you aren’t spreading germs.  The problem I saw filling my bathroom trash basket is that I’d use half for my eye, toss it, and move on to another one.   One day I decided to cut them in half before I put them in my recycled candle jar (see post here) and now I’ve doubled the package size and don’t feel guilty about wasting them!

This might seem silly when you think they are only a couple bucks but I hate wasting anything and would rather use up something instead of throwing it away!  Do you have any money saving beauty tips to share?  I’d love to hear your tricks!

Thanks for stopping by Gracious Luck & have a wonderful day!

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