Frugal Friday ~ No Buy July was Empowering!

Shopping QuotesA couple of weeks ago I posted how I was doing “No Buy July” where all I could buy was gas and groceries.  I feel so empowered by overcoming my impulses to shop and buy that I’m going to keep the ball rolling.  (Maybe I should change this to “confessions of a shopaholic?!”)  No Buy July has come to an end and here are some closing thoughts on the challenge.

  1. At first I “missed” shopping – but I knew if I went into stores that I LOVE it would be hard to walk out without a sack of stuff.  By mid month I went into Target to buy some pop (soda) that was on sale…browsed through jewelry, makeup, and other areas and didn’t buy anything except for the pop!  (I had bought a mobile groupon in June where $5 got me a $10 gift card for Target so actually only spent $2.07 on 4 -12pks of Dt. Dew!)  YAY ME! If you know me…this was a BIG deal!
  2. Now that the month is over…I am proud that I didn’t cave and look forward to keeping it up!
  3. I found that I could live with out stocking up on my favorite products that were on sale or something that was on clearance!
  4. I shopped my closet and found clothes that I haven’t worn for quite a while…long enough that my boss asked if a couple things were new!
  5. I used what I had and realized I have a lot of stuff to go through before I can buy more (perfume, candles, shampoo & conditioners, etc.)

What’s in store for Frugal Fridays in August?  It’s my birthday month!!!  I’m going to share with you my haul’s using those perks you can get from stores and businesses.  I’ve already gotten two reward gifts (JCP $15, and VS $10) in the mail but my goal is to get it as close to free as possible or at least make each purchase under $5.00.   I’ll let you know how that goes!

Thanks for stopping by Gracious Luck today!  Let me know if you’ve ever tried a no buy month – how did it go for you?  Once I made it half way through the month it was much easier to finish.

Here’s one of my favorite quotes from SITC!!!!!  🙂

10 of the best shopping quotes of all time

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