Good Life Link-Up ~ My Keywords!

Welcome to another – “Good Life Link Up!”  I was excited by this week’s topic since.  We were to search our blogs stats to find out what the most popular keywords were in searches.  I couldn’t believe I had so many listed and the more I read I realized that they are centered around one of my most popular posts!  My blog is still new – less than 3 months old since I re-launched and started blogging on a regular basis.

There are over 70 variations to searching for razor reviews!!!!  Holy cow!  In case you are curious, they linked back to my battle of the razors post {click here} to read it! I originally wrote it in February 2013 but was just blogging very randomly.

What did I take from this week’s experiment?!

I think by checking out our keyword searches we can see what people find interesting.  I have never explored this part of my blog’s stats before and was in awe that so many people were looking for a review on something so simple as a razor!

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