Save It September!

Since No Buy July seemed to be a hit for me – financially anyways – I’m going to do something new – SAVE IT SEPTEMBER! 🙂  Since my no buy I have felt liberated from my shopping tendencies…and I could be borderline shopaholic?!   In August when I used birthday money to buy a few things – I felt awful, and had my mom’s voice echoing in my head.  “Do you really need that?!” -or-  “Are you sure that’s what you want to spend your money on?!”

Point taken Mom! (It only took me 30 years to catch on!)  – I realized I have a ton of stuff already.  Its my goal to keep working through products I have and find ways to revitalize my wardrobe without buying.   (I’m going to try anyways!)  Fall ushers in cooler weather and I have a stock pile of sweaters that are itching to come out of summer hiding, and a ton of accessories.  I’m going back to buying only necessities like groceries, household supplies, and gas.

*First Confession…I did splurge and spent $13.00 on a bottle of Apple Wine but that was on August 31, 2013…and then I was thinking after – do I really want it?!  I was at a winery, enjoying a sampling, and felt compelled to purchase since they offered samples.  BTW…a wine weekends post is coming this week!  I visited 2 wineries in 2 weekends – stay tuned for my reviews of a few new wines.

Join me on the Save It September journey – I’m going to be sharing some new ideas with you and see if I can discover ways to shop what I already have and still come out on top!

Thanks for stopping by Gracious Luck today – are there any posts you’d like to see?  Do you ever get buyers remorse?  Even if its only for a $13 bottle of wine?!


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