Wine Weekends! Weekend #1 James Arthur Vineyards (8/24/13)


I have become a wine lover.  Well, a sweet white wine lover!  I don’t mind a red every now and then but prefer the ultra sweet flavors of a semi-sweet white.  For Christmas this year a dear friend of mine game me a bottle of James Arthur Vineyards – Edelweiss; from that moment on, I had to know more about the brand.  James Arthur Vineyards is Nebraska’s largest winery and located in Raymond, NE for my birthday a couple of my friends surprised me with a trip to their winery (August 24, 2013).  We were greeted by excellent and helpful staff who directed us through their selections and offer 6 tastings for $5.  I had to have some Edelweiss first and then ventured into the rest of my tasting.  *Quick Tip- So far the lists I’ve come across are  typically sorted with the sweetest flavors last – use that to your advantage.  If you don’t like sweet wines…head to the top, I started in the middle and worked my way down ending with a delicious desert wine which was second from the bottom.*  As I was enjoying the beautiful atmosphere and store I also discovered a new favorite – JAV’s 2011 Vignoles Wine.  It is smooth, sweet, and just delicious!  If you aren’t from Nebraska – you can order wines from their website if you’d like!

My top three pics from JAV were:

1.  2011 Vignoles $17.00

Made from 100% Vignoles grapes, delicate and smooth.

Our proprietor and namesake’s personal favorite. Delicate and smooth, this semi-sweet white wine evolves each time it’s tasted. Made from 100% Vignoles, you’ll pick up hints of apricot and the peaches on the nose and most definitely in the flavors. This wine would pair wonderfully with Oriental dishes as well as spicy foods. Or, to really get the full effect, try it with some tiramisu for dessert!



2.  2012 EDELWEISS $17.00

A semi-sweet white made from 100% Edelweiss grapes.

Edelweiss is  a well balanced wine that creates quite a sensation of sweetness in the front of the palate with a burst of tartness as it dances across the tongue and heads towards the finish, creating a sweet yet complex wine. Full of green apple flavors, this is a wine that won’t be forgotten. The best suggested pairings for this wine would be with fresh fruit, or completely on its own as an appetizer, or a dessert wine.


3, 2011 HEARTLAND WHITE $14.00

A semi-sweet white that is perfect for any meal, or simply to enjoy while sitting on the porch enjoying a beautiful sunset.

Our Heartland White was created for the way folks in the Heartland enjoy their wine.  The 2011 vintage was created from 100% LaCrosse grapes, and finished with just the right amount of sweetness. The nose has floral intricacies, while the mouth feel generates some nutty and honey aspects to compliment the aroma. Our Heartland White tends to go well with chicken, seafood, and fish. However, the winemaker suggests to try with fresh strawberries, or better yet, put the strawberries in a champagne flute, pour the Heartland White over it and enjoy!
I would highly recommend visiting James Arthur Vineyards if you enjoy trying out new wines.  It is even good for a newbie like me because they explained so much about the flavors.
Thank you for stopping by Gracious Luck and have a fantastic day!

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