Frugal Friday ~ Handmade Gifts!

PicsArt_1379028155466Happy Friday!  This week’s Frugal Friday is dedicated to handmade gifts.  I like being crafty and for several years now, I’ve made friends and family gifts that are either picture related (I dabble in photography and graphics @ Jen K Design), foods & snacks, and just recently I got back into crocheting.

This week’s post is about my newest hobby of crocheting.  And if you are a good friend or family member…you might be getting something! 🙂  First, I have to confess, I’m not the greatest but unless you crochet yourself, you might not notice my slight imperfections!  (And its truly a heartfelt and handmade gift.) One thing that hinders me is my left-handedness.  When looking at others do basic stitches it’s backwards but some videos on youtube now feature left handed examples and that has helped me learn!  Another problem for me is my attention span.  I don’t really have one for long periods of monotonous work like crocheting an afghan!  Really  I’m pretty lucky I made it through a child’s size scarf pattern my mom gave me a couple years ago and that took a lot!  I really like making flowers and coasters.  Each can take from about half an hour to an hour and its just long enough for me!

I found a skein of cotton yarn called Sugar & Spice at my local Shopko last weekend for $1.50 and I’m estimating that you’d be able to make at least 6-8 coasters so two sets of four would cost you $.75 for a gift or part of a gift!  I’m thinking of pairing some with nice big latte mugs with packets of creamer or hot chocolate for fall birthdays and Christmas gifts.

I love getting handmade gifts because its also about the idea that someone you know took time to make you something with their own two hands instead of buying it.  I love a big afghan my mom made me a few years ago, a hand towel she put a crocheted edging on for my bathroom, or coasters on my desks at home and work.

Do you make handmade gifts or put thought into what you give?  I have a mix of friends that give very considerate gifts and others just buy something that they think is good.  Either way I appreciate anything that people give me! 🙂

Let me know if you’d like a more detailed post about how I did this and I can share with you the pattern from Coats & Clark that I like – it’s easy, and super fast!  Also would you like more examples of handmade gift ideas since the holidays are 15 weeks away.  Yes I just did that but also wanted to put a bug in your ear to start planning, budgeting, and gift buying early!

Thanks for stopping by Gracious Luck and have a wonderful day!

2 thoughts on “Frugal Friday ~ Handmade Gifts!

    • jen says:

      I thought about knitting but my mom crochet’s so when I’m stuck I call and ask her questions. I find it really relaxing because I have to clear my head to do it – if my mind is wondering or on something else it doesn’t work.

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