Frugal Friday ~ My Favorite Money Tool/App

Hi Lovelies! Today’s Frugal Friday post is dedicated to one of my favorite and most used app’s on my phone and one of the websites I visit pretty often.  It is Mint (  First of all mint is a money tracking tool – to me, it is a snapshot of where my money situation stands.  I’ve been using mint for a few years now and it helps you create budgets, track spending, and link your accounts into one secure and safe place.  It refreshes account balances – and uses tools to show you where your money is going, emails you when you go over budget, and helps you stay accountable.  The best part – it is totally FREE.  Yes – Free!!!  You know how much I love free and useful things!

I was in no way compensated for writing this – I just wanted to share one of my favorite money saving tools with you!

Save it September is more than half over and I did make a couple purchases that I’m on the fence about returning….stupid buyers remorse…where were you years ago?! 🙂

Do you utilize any money apps or websites like mint?  What’s your favorite?  I’m reading a new finance book that is quite inspiring and hope to get a review together for you sometime soon!

Thanks for stopping by Gracious Luck today!

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