Frugal Friday ~ DIY Wrinkle Releaser for Six Cents a bottle!


My roommate and myself go through Wrinkle Releaser pretty frequently! (Being in a professional environment – you don’t want to have wrinkled or slopping looking attire!)  After finishing off a bottle a few days ago – I thought – I wonder if any of the amazing people on pinterest have figured out how to make their own yet?!  Of course they have!

I found several variations and chose to go with what I think is the simplest of them.


  • 1 cap full of fabric softener
  • 10 cap fulls of water


  1. Mix it up
  2. Use it!!

I was surprised at how incredibly easy it was to make and how well it worked.  In looking at my pictures I chose to show you a darker button down shirt (typical work shirts for me) and figured, worst case scenario, I’ll just wash the mixture out in the laundry!

It worked beautifully and smells nice again too!

For my frugal friends – I looked up the pricing on  Great Value Tropical Fiesta Fabric Softener (51oz) costs $3.78 and yields 60 loads.  That comes down to $.06 a cap full!   On Amazon (I couldn’t find it on Walmart’s website) a big bottle of Downy brand Wrinkle Releaser 33.8oz is $7.99.    I made the same sized bottle for $.06  – or – at a savings of $7.93!!!!!!  My equation nearly filled the bottle that I had so keep in mind when you make this, you want a bigger bottle.  We also have small travel sized bottles that I’m now going to refill with the DIY version!

Thanks for stopping by Gracious Luck today!

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2 thoughts on “Frugal Friday ~ DIY Wrinkle Releaser for Six Cents a bottle!

    • jen says:

      So far – it has worked pretty amazingly! I thought my shirt might have spots or something from the fabric softener but I haven’t noticed any! Its finitely worth giving it a shot!

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