Weekend Mani ~ Pure Ice -Touch Me Softly (velvet)

IMG_20130929_152824_092This weekend I was looking through my nail polish collection and wanted something different!  This is something I picked up last year at Walmart.  I have a fair success with this brand, some work better than others but when they are a couple dollars I figure I don’t have anything to lose!

This has a matte finish and I think it was part of a line that was a velvet finish. I love that it drives super fast but it has chipped on the edged a couple times with a good base coat.

Thanks for stopping by Gracious Luck today!


*UPDATE* Sad day…this started chipping by that night and after trying to salvage the tips it progressively got worse and by Monday night at least 4 of my nails were over half chipped off.  I used Orly rubberized base coat – I’ not sure if that is the culprit or if it was a lack of top coat since it’s matte.  Either way – by my lunch break on Tuesday I had to take the remaining off.  I can’t stand overly chipped nails!!   Not impressed but stunning for a one day nail! 

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