Frugal Friday ~ Cleaning Microfiber on the cheap!

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I love my microfiber couch – and it was my first “grown-up” purchase in college.  However, a couple weeks ago I was watering my plant that hangs in the window above it, and it leaked out onto the arm of my couch.  It left a water stain behind so tonight I’m sharing with you my super cheap way to clean it.  It requires one ingredient – rubbing alcohol.   I bought a big bottle a couple years ago at the dollar store and had barely used it.  I poured some into an old spray bottle that had febreze in it at one time.  *NOTE-test this out on an inconspicuous spot first to make sure it doesn’t ruin the color of your furniture!*


  1. I used a stiff bristle cleaning brush to brush off the area before I started to get any excess cat hair or dust out of the way.
  2. Spray the affected area lightly.
  3. Take a stiff bristle brush and scrub.  I like to make longer sweeping movements that also distributes the alcohol and helps it try faster.  Scrub in several directions to agitate the area.
  4. Let dry.  This is where patience comes in to play – you have to let it completely dry.
  5. Then I use the same brush to buff the area and it is back to normal.

I had read to use the alcohol because it dries fast and doesn’t leave anything behind.  I have had good luck with this, however for a deeper stain, or something that isn’t a clear liquid, I might try using some sort of upholstery cleaner or soap to get the spot out.

Thanks for stopping by Gracious Luck!  Happy Frugal Friday & Happy Cleaning!

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