Freebies Haul! {I’m an Influenster…are you?!}

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voxbox-blogimage-popup2I’ve been involved in Influenster for a couple of years now and love it.  Basically, in a nutshell, Influenster is a company that rewards you for your opinion.  All you really need to do is provide some reviews, complete a few survey’s and you are in the running for voxboxes.  The more involved you are, the better your odds are at getting more.  I received my first voxbox last spring.  And now this year I’ve gone on to get a spring voxbox, simfast sexy summer voxbox, slimfast brand challange box, mega voxbox, and now I’m anxiously awaiting my Rose Voxbox which will be coming soon!

In the past two weeks, I’ve received my slimfast brand challenge winner box, and a mega voxbox.  First, about the brand challenge box.  Every box you get, there are opportunities to win brand challenges.  You complete a list of tasks and you are in the running for a bonus box.  Since I did a review and some other posts about slim-fast (read it here) I won 4 more bottles to try.  I got 2 bottles of Strawberries N Cream, 1 bottle of Cappuccino Delight, and 1 bottle of French Vanilla.  These are a great snack to have available when you are on the go or as a quick breakfast when you are running late.  Plus they taste delicious!

Part of completing all of my tasks on the slimfast box, I was awarded a mega voxbox.  This box was just items they wanted to share with me, and I don’t have to do any reviews on, its just a bonus for being involved.  This box was awesome!  So far, I’ve been using the Head & Shoulders shampoo and conditioner which is fantastic.  It smells nice and my hair is super soft.  I will be using the other items soon.  Let me know if you want more detailed reviews of those items and I’ll be happy to share them!

Lastly – I have some invites to Influenster to share.  If you are interested – let me know and I’ll gladly send you one.  Its a fun experience and like Christmas in your mailbox because you’re never really sure what you’re going to get – but every time it has been full sized products which I love and get to share my thoughts with all of you!

Thanks for stopping by Gracious Luck ~ Have a wonderful day!


4 thoughts on “Freebies Haul! {I’m an Influenster…are you?!}

    • jen says:

      Thats what I did, and I started filling out more expert badges like beauty, fashion, etc. I think that is what helped me out, after that earlier this year I think it opened me up to all of these.

    • jen says:

      If you want to get me your email – or fill out the contact me form letting me know its you – I can send you an invite. Its pretty simple, just stay active on the site answering surveys and questions to build up “expert badges” and it opens you up to voxboxes. It takes a little while and more people are learning about it but its really fun and easy.

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