Dove Clear Tone Deodorant {review}

Dove Advanced Beauty, Clear Tone Antiperspirant Deodorant, Pink RosaI am honored to have been chosen as a Dove brand ambassador and sent a bottle of this to try out.  I have used this in the past and Dove is the only brand that I can use that doesn’t cause breakouts (yes in my pits!!) or dry skin.  It also helps balance the skin’s tone if you have any discoloration and create more even-looking skin.  In the past I had some discoloration and this has helped me.

Their claim is that if you have discoloration you will see improvement in 2 weeks!  

Thoughts –

I like a clean scent.  I don’t like strong floral or fruity scents for an everyday product like deodorant.

I like solid stick deodorant any day over liquid, gel, or the soft solid types that squish up though little holes!!  I hate when your getting ready and have to let product dry before putting your shirt on.  I want something I can swipe on, put on a shirt, and keep going.   This is that product for me.

I also like that this lasts all day for me, however if working out or doing a lot of running around I have applied extra because I don’t want to smell! 🙂

Lastly – cost – It is $3.88 at my Walmart.  It is average priced but since I have sensitive under arms, it is worth every cent to me!  A bottle will easily last a couple months.  I just started one last month and don’t feel like I’ve moved it very much.

I will continue to use this and buy it – if you have discoloration or sensitive under arms, check this out.

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