Rimmel Retro Glam Mascara {review}

I got this from Influenster in my Rose VoxBox last month.  I have been wearing it off and on to see how it stacks up against my favorites (Clinique Lash Doubling and Maybelline The Rocket).

Size: First off the tube is a monster, like The Rocket or Covergirl Lashblast, I don’t mind the size but it could be less bulky. I give this a 3 out of 5.

Lasting power: I would give this a 4 out of 5.   By the end of the day my lashes are a little droopy and I have noticed flakes but I’ve had allergy & sinus issues causing me to sneeze a lot.  I didn’t try it on my bottom lashes because the brush is also large.  This is not waterproof, had it been, I might not have had flakes.  Compared with the others I use, this is near the top.

Brush:  Natural Brush (no pokey rubberized brush this time!) with an hourglass shape.  The size is large so if you have smaller eyes, it could be a problem but I didn’t mind it.  The shape is supposed to catch the little hairs on the outside of your eyelashes.  This did a decent job at getting that done for me.  I still had a few that it missed but I have yet to find one that does this.

Price:  $5.99

Bottom Line:

I would recommend this, especially for a night out or holiday parties.  The product can be built up or a single coat gives a nice natural touch.  Two coats was too heavy for my lashes and made them droopy, so layer with a light hand! Also removal is a breeze with your favorite eye makeup remover.  I haven’t seen it out in stores yet, but it is supposed to be in stores this month (November 2013)!

Thanks for Stopping by Gracious Luck today!  Have you tried this mascara? What’s your go mascara to for a night out?


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