Puffs Fresh Faces {review & giveaway -closed-}

FreshFacesLogoHi Lovelies – I have an awesome (and first ever!) review and giveaway to share with you! 🙂

I had the opportunity to share with you  new product from Puff’s! The product is Puff’s Fresh Faces (Nose & Face Wipes) that are made with natural saline.  To describe these, I’d say that remind me of a baby wipe consistency but they are designed for your nose & face.  

First some background info:

Have you heard of Boogie Wipes for little ones?  Boogie Wipes are made with saline to dissolve boogies (mucus) caused by the common cold, allergies or otherwise booger-filled kid moments.   Boogie Wipes are recommended by Pediatricians as a gentle, effective alternative to a dry tissue.  This year the makers of Boogie wipes, teamed up with Proctor & Gambles’s Puff’s brand to help design a similar product for adults but created with scents that are more appealing to every one.

Saline is a Natural way to help remove your makeup, wipe your nose, or freshen up after a workout or long day. Puffs Fresh Faces are patented and uniquely formulated with Natural saline, aloe, and Vitamin E for all your face has to face each day.

Puff’s Fresh Faces are available in various scents and sizes and now in stores at Walmart!

Scents & Sizes are:

  • Light Lavender – Light lavender scent when a moment of serenity is what you need.  Available in: 45 count and 15 count
  • Fresh Scent – Fresh Scent is perfect for that time when a quick refresher will do the trick.  Available in: 45 count and 15 count
  • Fragrance Free – Fragrance free, when something simple is what you need.  Available in: 45 count and 15 count
  • The Scent of Vicks – The scent of VICKS is a breath of fresh air for colds and allergies.  Available in: 45 count and 15 count
  • I am unsure of current prices, however drugstore.com had 45 count package for $5.99.  I couldn’t find them in my local Walmart to verify that store’s pricing for you.

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First Impressions & Thoughts

I have had these for a couple weeks and shared these with friends and family to get you a true opinion of what we think of these!

Fresh Scent – This smells light, lovely, and slightly soapy.  I think these would be perfect after a quick workout or if you were out doing something and just wanted to freshen up.  Heads up – it is a sweeter scent, and I know some people don’t care for those.

Vicks Scent – Honestly, I thought these would have smelled stronger with the Vicks menthol scent, however it was just nice.  It has the scent of Vicks for when you are wiping your nose but definitely not overpowering.  I opened this sample size when I was at home visiting my mom for Thanksgiving who is suffering from a head cold.  She actually preferred this scent to the others I brought with me to write my review.

Light Lavender – This might be my favorite out of the four.  It is light, delicate, and relaxing.  I would also consider using these to freshen up after a workout session, or if you’ve been on the go and need to just wipe your hands and arms off.

Fragrance Free – This is by far the most versatile scent in my opinion.  I used one of these to remove my makeup and wasn’t worried about any fragrance irritating my somewhat sensitive skin.  It did a decent job on makeup removal, it didn’t touch my mascara – however that can be an issue for some makeup remover wipes as well.   If I were to buy these for someone – I’d start here.

Bottom Line:  I think these are a great new product.  I will use my remaining wipes when traveling, wiping my nose, and freshening up after a long day.  I like how they are moist without being “wet” feeling and when using them, and your nose and skin dry almost immediately.  I love how the 45 count packaging is in a cute box, with a flip top opening, and a sealed bag inside.  I’ve opened it several times and they are still as moist as the first day.  A slight issue with the 15 count packaging is that if you press down too hard to seal the package after taking one out, you can easily squish out some of the saline at the same time.  Its not a deal breaker for me, but if you keep these in your purse or bag, it could leak a little.

Now – On to the giveaway!  Please click the link below to be taken to my rafflecopter entry form! 

One Winner will get:  One – 45 count box (Fragrance Free or Light Lavender)  – Winners Choice


One – 15 count pack (Vicks Menthol, Fragrance Free, Light Lavender, Fresh Scent) – Winners Choice

The giveaway will be running from November 30 – December 8th.

 Click Here to Enter:  Rafflecopter giveaway

*Disclaimer-Puff’s sent me this product for free to try and review for you, and they are providing the items to be given away.*

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