Christmas Party Manicure

PicsArt_1386517703956I had my first Christmas Party on Friday night, and wanted some “festive” red nails.  I was going through my collection of polishes and found one that I completely forgot about!  Its Sally Hansen Hard As Nails in #470 Unbreakable Heart.  I’ve had this for a couple years so I’m not sure if its still available in stores.  Some of the Sally Hansen Hard As Nails polish have been hit and miss for me.  Some are so shear it drives me crazy, however this polish was impressive with two coats.  I was in a rush so didn’t spend too much time getting a flawless manicure but it turned out okay in the end!  As far as wear goes, a couple days later and my tips are worn but it was less than $2 a bottle with a coupon – at that price – I’m okay with some average wear!

Have a great week and thanks for stopping by Gracious Luck!


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