Candle Haul! {Bath & Body Works}


I was out doing some light Christmas shopping with friends and we wanted to stop by Bath & Body Works to see if we could get any good deals.  First off – the store was crazy busy but that didn’t stop us, we just worked our way in.  It was packed because they had a “Buy 3 – Get 3 FREE” deal going on.  I also had a $10 off a $30 purchase coupon that I could use with the deal.
I found that the small candles were $10.00.  I chose three of those for $30.00 and got three free.  After using the $10 off a $30 purchase coupon, I got 6 small candles (20-30hr burn time) for $21.40!  Or roughly $3.56 a candle or a savings of $6.44 per candle/38.64 total!

Apparently, others had this brilliant idea because I had to literally hunt for the small candles but I found six that I liked.

If you had purchased the 3-wick which are my favorite, it would have been $8.33 for a $20 candle but I didn’t know if I wanted that many 3-wick candles!  I also chose the smaller size so I use them as gifts if I want to (but probably won’t!).

I was super excited to score this deal because – I’m obsessed with burning candles, especially during the cold winter months.

Here are the scents that I chose!

Lavender Vanilla, Cinnamon & Clove Buds, Frosted Cranberry, Spiced Apple Toddy, Cranberry Woods, and Flannel.

Are you a candle person too?  Whats your favorite brand and scent?  I tend to like spicier warm scents in the winter months, and clean scents during the spring and summer.

Thanks for stopping by Gracious Luck – have a wonderful and warm day! 🙂

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