boscia Pore Purifying Black Strips {review}

boscia - Pore Purifying Black StripsIMG_20131209_180517_204-1Hi Beauties!  Some of you know that I like to try out skincare and have two favorite department store brands – Clinique & boscia.  Clinique is my go to for moisturizers and treatments, but I like the simplicity of boscia for cleansers and masks.  One of my favorite masks of all time is the boscia’s luminizing black mask.  Its a peel off mask that feels like a gigantic biore strip for your face – and it works!  Its kind of painful to pull off if you aren’t used to it but it gets down into your pores and you can see all the yuckiness that it pulls out.  (Its fascinating but super disgusting to me!)

On black Friday – had several $10 specials, (I bought a couple to try new things – so there will be a few more reviews soon) one of them was a boscia pore perfection set, that included a travel size of the black mask and 3 black strips.  Since I had such great success with the mask, I had the same expectations for the strips.

The Verdict:  Not really worth the $

You can buy 12 boscia strips for $28 – and you can buy 14 Biore nose strips for $8.47.  I shared this info because, to me, the biore were equal if not better.  (I didn’t want to believe it…but its true for me!)  They work in the same way except the boscia strips are black fabric strips and the biore are white.  You apply both in the exact same way, and for me the results of the boscia strips were so similar if not a bit worse than biore’s.

Granted, my nose pores weren’t too bad like they can be, but they definitely had some issues.  It did get out a few, but I don’t feel like it was any different than the others.  I will say that my skin felt very soft after pulling the strip off but that alone isn’t worth the large difference in prices!    Ultimately, I’m happy I didn’t buy these in store and had the ability to try these in a kit.

Have you tried these?  What did you think?

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