boscia Clarifying Detox Mask {review}

I picked up the boscia clarifying detox mask during Sephora’s black Friday sale online for $10.  I got a full size mask and 25 oil blotting sheets that I gave as part of a Christmas gift.   I love taking a few minutes at least once a week for a mask, however, my skin is a little on the sensitive side so I can’t handle overly fragrant masks.  That is why I love the boscia brand, the products that I’ve used are either unscented or have a very light fragrance.

Product Description: This deep-cleansing clay mask contains pure botanicals, herbs, and select ingredients like kaolin clay and phellodendron bark to absorb impurities, control excess oil, detoxify, and renew your skin from deep within. A unique combination of anti-irritants and purifying agents soothe and refine the appearance of pores as powerful antioxidants along with other therapeutic elements revitalize skin and help protect against the appearance of aging. It is ideal for all skin types, including sensitive skin.

I tried this mask on immediately after I washed and dried my face.  At night I use a heavier cleanser to remove the day’s makeup and my go-to is  Origin’s Checks & Balances frothy face wash.  (This is a product where a little goes a long way – I use a pea sized amount and after about 8 months I’ve barely made a dent in the tube!)  It does leave you face feeling “squeaky” clean but not drying.  If you have combo skin – give this a try some time!

The mask which I thought might be white has a very slight blue/green tint to it and a cooling sensation as you apply it.  It is a clay mask that dries within minutes and gets tight to let you know its time to remove it!  It is also a quick mask – it only takes 5 minutes out of your day! A huge plus for me was that it came off easily with warm water and a wash cloth.   For my entire face I used about a nickle sized amount of product – I this tube will last quite a while!

After removal I used a witch hazel toner to swipe over my skin to get any traces of clay left behind and followed with my moisturizer.

Bottom Line: I really liked the feel of this and how it left my skin.  It feels refreshing as you use it – and your skin is amazingly soft after you wash it off.  I would recommend this product if you like masks or want to try one out that doesn’t require much time or effort!

Thanks for stopping by Gracious Luck today!  Are you a mask fan?  Whats your favorite?

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