My favorite Christmas Scents {Candles & Wax Melts!}

Once Thanksgiving was over, and my Autumn Bath & Body Works candle had finished burning, I broke out the “Christmas” scents.  During the holidays growing up I remember the delicious warm & sweet smells of my Granny baking breads, rolls, fudge, a goose or turkey in the oven, and all the trimmings.  Now that I’m on my own, I like my apartment to smell warm and welcoming in the same way.  I don’t have time or ambition to attempt baking tons of deliciousness that I grew up with, but I have found some of my favorite scents that remind me of the holidays and wanted to share them with you!  I like each of these scents equally as all are lovely for the holidays.   I was even complimented on the combination when I had company staying over the weekend.

Both Bath & Body Works candles are still available and as of today (12/18/13) the 3-wick candles are still 2 for $22!

1) Bath & Body Works – Good Natured Christmas

  • Created to be shared with the ones you love, a Good Natured Christmas generously blends creamy white birch, smoked vanilla bean and a hint of musk

2) Bath & Body Works – ‘Tis the Season

  • Rich, red apples, green pine and a touch of golden cider combine to capture all the joy and activities of the holidays

3) Brookside Candle Melts in Yuletide Cheer

  • I bought this at Kohls, and I think it must be a brand exclusive to them.  I tried to find you a scent description for this but it is all gone from!  I’m bad at describing scents but I’d say it was warm and spicy with a hint of apple or cranberry. It blended very nicely with Good Natured Christmas as I’d have my scentsy going and buring the candle.  I really wish I had bought another one!

Are you a candle person, scentsy/wax melt person, or nothing?  Some of my friends don’t like anything going but they are very sensitive to fragrance.   Obviously, I don’t have a problem with it!  I am also on the look out for good scents since I have a pet and don’t want people to catch any “pet” smells.

Thanks for stopping by Gracious Luck today!

3 thoughts on “My favorite Christmas Scents {Candles & Wax Melts!}

  1. sadie says:

    You managed to pick the best holiday candles from bbw in my opinion. I also bought Winter, vanilla snowflake & sparkling icicles. Meh a little unimpressed….tis the season (which is a less expensive dupe for Yankee candle’s red apple wreath) & good natured Xmas were by far my favs!! I am thinking i need to pick up the Yuletide Cheer melts from Kohls…I bought the evergreen & balsam the other day instead & quite enjoyed it. They were also 1/2 off so I picked up the 6 cube pack for only $2.50.

    • jen says:

      I usually pick winter but decided to mix it up this year. I checked my kohls a couple days ago and it was all picked over, hope you have better luck than me! Merry Christmas! 🙂

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