New Years Manicure! Julep Michelle


I’ve never gotten into subscription boxes but was tempted for the last time by Julep.  I finally caved on the free box offer and just paid $3.99 for two polishes and their mighty nail & cuticle serum.  This is the first one I’m trying out (3295-Michelle).  It is a creme formula in Navy.  I couldn’t believe how easy and smooth it was to apply and this is only one coat!!!   I haven’t decided if I’ll keep or cancel this subscription yet – I don’t normally buy nail polish every month and already have a box full that I use or attempt to use!  Right now – I’m leaning towards cancelling the subscription.

Are you a Julep Maven?  Or have you tried the Julep polishes?

Thanks for stopping by Gracious Luck today!

3 thoughts on “New Years Manicure! Julep Michelle

  1. Michelle H. says:

    I subscribe to Julep and overall, I’ve been very happy with their service, both in delivering super fast as well as having great customer service. And I’m pretty happy with the nail polish as a product too! I think it’s a little expensive being $19.99/ month, so if they aren’t showing any nail colors that I’m just dying to have, I just skip that month. It makes it nice so that I don’t pay for months I don’t want, and when they have colors that I just gotta have, it’s nice to have the subscription. And you get 20% off any additional orders and free shipping as a Maven! I’ve been meaning to purchase Michelle because it’s my name! 🙂
    – Michelle

    • jen says:

      It’s a great color! Maybe I’ll wait to see what the next batch of colors are first and then skip or cancel, i do love the free ship option!

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