Josie Maran Bear Naked nail wipes {review}

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Hi lovelies!  You know by now I’ve got a pretty healthy obsession with nails and nail care.  I’ve been itching to try out Josie Maran’s nail wipes, but I couldn’t swallow paying $9 for a jar of 20 wipes when I can pick up store brand removers for less than $3 and that’s the larger bottle that lasts a month or two!  I also didn’t know how I’d like a wipe and how well they would work.  On Black Friday Sephora had a bunch of deals that I scooped up, and one of them was a full size jar of 20 wipes and tube of Josie Maran Whipped Argon Oil Intensive Hand Creme in Vanilla Apricot (review coming soon!) for $10!  This was the perfect time for me to try both and for a dollar more than buying a jar of wipes, I get a nice sized (1 fl. oz.) lotion that I’ve also wanted to try.

Product Description:

Bear Naked Nail Wipes $9 for 20, $16 for 40  (available in Grapefruit & Peppermint scents)

What it is-Multitasking nail wipes formulated to remove nail polish, repair dry cuticles, and promote healthy nails.
What it does-These portable three-in-one nail wipes remove nail polish, repair dry cuticles, and promote healthy nails—naturally. Acetone free and grapefruit-scented, Bear Naked Nail Wipes are infused with organic Argan oil to moisturize cuticles and support nail growth.

Thoughts: The wipes are quite thin but effective.   There is  NO chemical smell at all, and its a subtle grapefruit scent that is lovely.  You can remove a manicure with 1-2 wipes for both hands depending on the color and how well it removes the polish.  There is an oily residue left behind that I just massage into the nail and cuticle.  After about 10 minutes you can’t even tell it was there.

Demo: In my pictures, I wanted to show you how effective it could be.   I chose demo this on a bright red polish that I had used 2 coats on and a base coat.  I’ve realized after using these a few times that if you place the wipe on the nail and let it sit & soak for about 10-20 seconds you get a much better result.  I did use these with glitter already and it was a challenge as the glitter ripped and tore the wipes – for glitter polishes, I’d use something else because it’ll take multiple wipes.

Bottom Line: I like this product but I’m still on the fence because it seems expensive.  I think it’ll be great for travel if you plan on changing your nails while on a trip and they are carry on friendly.  However if you use 2 for a darker polish this will last you for about 10 manicures, or if you limit to 1 a manicure, it will last 20  so it depends on how often you change your polish, typically, I do weekly so this would last 2-4 months.

Have you tried these?  What did you think?  I’ve also heard that Walgreens (I think) has their own version of these at a fraction of the price but I haven’t tried them.

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