Pinned it…Tried it… {Wood Scratch Concealer!?}

PicsArt_1389585043097 Hi Lovelies!  Its been a while since I’ve done DIY type of post but as I was cleaning and organizing my sample/product stash to review for you I noticed  some scratches in the door jamb.  I had seen a pinterest pin floating around for a while now where you can use household products to camouflage or conceal wood scratches. First off – with out refinishing the wood – the scratches will still be there, at least using this method.  However, it does help conceal them and allow them to blend in.


This recipe uses 1/4 cup of vinegar and 3/4 cup of canola oil.  Put it in an old jar – and shake it up.  It sort of emulsifies with the oil to make this cloudy concoction.  Apply to scratches.


I used a cotton round that I had in my room and applied it to the scratches, it started to make them disappear. I was worried about an oily residue left behind however there didn’t appear to be any.  I do have to say that I didn’t apply very much, just enough to moisten about 1/3 of the cotton round.  I did follow up with a clean dry cotton round to pick any and there wasn’t anything noticeable left behind.  After a few hours it still looks nice, and when I ran my hand over the spots I did notice a bit of residue on my fingers but nothing a dry piece of paper towel or another cotton round wouldn’t fix.

Overall – I’d recommend this 100%.  So far it seems to be working fine, it didn’t have any scent, and is a super easy way to conceal scratches and marks in wood.

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