Winter Empties – Part 2 { hair }

IMG_20140407_175021_217-1Hi Loves!  Here’s part two of my winter empties – hair products.  In case you missed my other post (part one)  – I’m breaking my empties into sections since I didn’t want to write one really long post!    I have some how managed to get a pretty large sample stash of shampoo & conditioners.   Here are the ones that left an impression behind.

Redkin All Soft Shampoo & Conditioner – BUY!
I really really liked this.  It smelled amazing, and left my longer dry hair feeling super soft.  It also smelled wonderful.  Based upon this sample, I’ve been hunting for this at a good price.

Redkin Curvaceous Shampoo & Conditioner – Meh…
I have naturally wavy/curly hair when I let my hair get longer and it gets to air dry.  I was really excited to use this in the beginning and loved the effect.  However – its sulfate free and its really easy to get too much on your hair – that can be a pain to get out.  A little will go a long way on this, it was alright, but after a couple times of not getting it all out…I’m over it.  Either – I put on too much – or it was managing to build up for me.  Either way – after a couple washes with a clarifying shampoo…my hair has returned.

Biolage Exquisite Oil Shampoo & Conditioner (2 – uses) – BUY!
I have been a biolage user since I was in high school – the smell alone takes me back in time!  I got two separate samples so used it a couple times.  I loved it, it left my hair soft & shiny but not oily or greasy.  I’m sold on this, however I don’t know if I’d use it daily or every time I shampoo since its heavier.  I’ve also been looking at buying full size of this.

Matrix Total Results Blonde Care – Ok
Ok, so you know I’m not blonde – but my hair stylist gave me a few samples of this to try for its conditioner which she thought I’d like because its weightless.  This was alright – it wasn’t good – it wasn’t bad, but I don’t know if I’d go out looking for it.  It did smell nice and if you’re blonde, it has a slight purple tint to help avoid any brassiness that can come from dying hair blonde.

Bumble & Bumble thickening shampoo & conditioner – pass…
I have fine – thick hair.  Basically my hair strands are fine, but I have a lot of it.  With my hair being below my shoulders for the first time in years…I was looking for something to help give my hair a boost.  This just made it feel snarly and hard to comb which resulted in breaking some hair.  If you have really fine, thin hair, this could be a wonderful thing.

Drybar Cream Soda Smoothing Cream – Buy!
I love smoothing creams and focus them mainly on the middle-to-ends of my hair.  This was light but provided control that I loved.  I will also look into buying this because it was great when I curled my hair and wanted definition but also wanted to be able to run my fingers through it.

Phytospecific Moisturizing Styling Cream – pass…
This is really heavy.  I tried it on damp hair and dry hair – it was just too heavy for me to tolerate in my hair.  I think if you have coarse or thick hair this could be perfect but it just weighed my fine hair down.  I didn’t even finish the sample.

Thanks for making it to the end of another empties post!

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