Winter Empties – Part 3 { random }


Hi Loves!  Welcome to the final installment in my empties post!  The random empties that I wanted to share with you!

Bath & Body Works Foaming Hand Soap – Berry Sangria – BUY!
I love Bath & Body Works soaps.  I used to swear by their moisturizing formula but found that I was wasting it because either 1) too much would come out or 2) it was hard to use every last drop!  I switched over to the foaming soap this winter and love that I can use it all, and then when the pump doesn’t reach…I dump the last little bit into another bottle.  This scent was alright – but its the formula that I love and the tons and tons of scents that are always available.

philosophy snow angel (shower gel) – BUY!
I love this winter scent from philosophy and stocked up on a couple travel size bottles last Christmas.  Its not a scent I like during the spring & summer but I love it around the holidays.  I will look for this when it comes back out next Christmas.

Soap & Glory Hand Food –  meh.
I like the feel of this but the scent is just too strong for me.   I know some people mention loving the scent and I did too in the beginning but after a few weeks it was driving me nuts.  According to a coworker – she said it reminded me of her grandma.  Its a very traditional floral scent and its just not one I care for.

Dove cleartone deodorant – Buy.
I’ve tried several types of deodorant over the years and keep coming back to two brands – secret or dove.  Dove is probably my favorite overall because it works and it doesn’t make my arms break out.  (…some irritate my skin and cause a rash…)   I already have some others to go through but when I finally work through my stash I’ll be buying dove.

Oral-B Pro-Health Clinical Pro-Flex toothbrush – BUY!
I have issues with my teeth and have for most of my life.  While spending a lot of money fixing some problems and attempting to salvage my tooth health the past couple years – I’ve found this brush.  I love it – I also love how the sides flex and can sort of move with the contours of your teeth.  This is my third or fourth brush and I do switch them every 3 months.

Oral-B Glide 3-D White Floss Picks – BUY!
I am a bad flosser –  but I’ve found that using these picks helps me a lot more than a spool of floss.  Also due to dental work, I love the glide floss that gets in between teeth with ease and doesn’t snag or break for me.  I’ve used these for the past few years and will continue to buy them.

Thanks for visiting Gracious Luck and making it to the end of this post!


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