Quick Review ~ Sephora Formula X Base Coat

IMG_20140421_182743_732-1Hi Loves!  I’ve been searching for a decent top coat for quite a while and have found one that I’m really enjoying.  This is from the new line Sephora brought in last fall in the Formula X Line.

Here’s the Description from Sephora.com


What it is:
A binding, ultrasticky base coat that primes nails for a flawless, long-lasting application.

What it does:
The combination of an advanced adhesive primer and essential bonding agents forms a sticky layer that fuses with your lacquer and prolongs polish performance.

What it is formulated WITHOUT:
– Parabens


My thoughts:

This is a fantastic product!  It is on the spendier side for a base coat, but I can get at least a week out of my nails.  I type for at least 8+ hours a day Mon-Fri and sometimes on the weekends.  My tips are always the first to show wear, and while they do wear bare at the tips, they rarely chip.

I would say if you have a problem getting polish to last – this is a product that is worth trying!

Have you tried the Formula X products?  What are your thoughts on the line?

Thank you for stopping by Gracious Luck today!

4 thoughts on “Quick Review ~ Sephora Formula X Base Coat

  1. fashionbriefs says:

    Thanks for sharing! I want to go back to polishing my own nails. My only hang up is the chipping! I have NEVER been able to get more than a couple of days worth of wear. Aside from typing, do you do a lot of other things that wear on your nails–like a lot of washing? I know I have a habit of washing my hands a whole lot and I wonder if this base could withstand that as well?

    • jen says:

      You’re Welcome! Thanks for dropping by! I wash dishes (no dishwasher) as well as washing my hands often. This seems to work really well for me. I put it on Saturday under my weekend mani – and there is one tiny chip today on my pointer finger. Do you use shallack or gel polish? I’m not sure if its that good – but I like to change my nails weekly. I also am using Julep’s freedom topcoat – the combination has been pretty fantastic.

  2. Kristina says:

    Sounds really nice and something that I would love..my mani is always chipping within 3 days but i do lots of dishes lol

    • jen says:

      I don’t do as many dishes as you, but its holding up pretty well for me. 🙂 Mine are usually chipping after a couple of days too. I also paired it w/ Julep topcoat – and that seems to last the best…so far!

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