TBT ~ A GL Throwback to last June – Recycling candle jars!


I realized not too long ago that I crossed the 1 year mark since I reformatted my blog and joined the realm of beauty blogging on a somewhat regular basis! 🙂  I appreciate each and every one of my readers and the amazing friends I’ve made in the past year.   ((HUGS))

I don’t know about you, but my month of May has been crazy packed.  Actually, I have every weekend booked until August at the moment so it’ll be a busy summer between photography shoots that I do on the weekends and various other events.

I digress…since I didn’t have any inspiring blog moments this week, I’m sharing the link for one of my most popular posts last summer.  I LOVE candles, mainly Bath and Body Works but any kind as long as they smell nice.   Rather than filling my trash or glass recycling bin with the left overs I’ve started up-cycling the containers to help organize my bathroom and my home office.  I still use these all the time and just reached for a few of them this morning!

Thanks for dropping by Gracious Luck – and check out my post from last June {HERE!}

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