An Update! – Why I’ve been MIA…

Photo: All done! One of the few adults to request pink or purple wrap…yep I’m that girl!

Hi My loves!! I have missed you all so much!  First up, I work full time in accounting and then have a side job doing photography on the weekends.  Weekends are typically blog time for me to write up some posts and schedule them – however, when I’m doing photography, weekends become editing and travel time for sessions!

I finally got caught up on my busiest two months of photography EVER — and had surgery on my wrist Friday (6/27/14).  I’ve had this lovely little robins egg bump -ganglion cyst- on my wrist for a few months, it started to get more noticeable and was pressing on nerves causing some hand pain by the end of the day.  Couple that with crazy editing sessions that are 3-5 hrs at a time after an 8-9hr work day…and my precious blog was pushed into the background.

I’m starting to type up some posts to share soon – also a review of an awesome eye cream I’ve been trying out!!

Thanks for sticking around – more posts are coming soon!

7 thoughts on “An Update! – Why I’ve been MIA…

  1. TheFeminineFiles says:

    Hope you feel better soon! I would totally request a colorful wrap…who wants a dingy white one? yuck LOL

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