Some times…you need a break. {update}

Hi Loves!  If you’ve been with me for a while, you know that I like to do at lest 2-3 posts per week.  Well…my last post was July 15…18 days ago.  I felt like I was burning out and needed to walk away from Gracious Luck for a bit and re-charge.  I wasn’t coming up with anything to post about, I haven’t been shopping to share any deals with you, and I was getting bogged down in work.

I’ve spent the past two weeks catching up on some personal projects, editing pictures, and cleaning.  Just basic things that everyone does but puts off until they can’t take it! 🙂

I’m back to say hi  – I’ve missed you! I’ve been debating the types of posts and where my blog is going.  It started out as something fun, then it morphed into me buying things I’d use once and never touch again, and now I have piles of products and samples. I’m feeling claustrophobic from my piles of things to try, things to review, things to give away, etc.

Right now – I’m going back to why I started – playing with products I already have, sharing a random deal here and there, and going back to some pinterest experiments.

Thank you if you’re still around and reading this post – I hope to have some great new content up for you within the next few days.

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