No Buy July – { Thoughts & Tips }

When you lose everything and then come back from it, you will realize how little objects mean to you.Hi Loves!  You might remember last year I started a weekly post called Frugal Fridays.  I’m not rich and I had some really tragic spending habits in college and shortly after, but now I’ve been diligently working over the past year or so to focus on making better decisions regarding money and changing my spending habits.

Last summer I did no buy July, see the original post here.  It was pretty hard for me.  That was the first time I took on a true No Buy Challenge – and I did it! However,  I was actually counting down until the end so I could BUY something! The rules for me this time were pretty standard –

1)Nothing for myself – no makeup, jewelry, clothes, etc.

2) Things I could buy – groceries, food, gas

Its August and I’m thinking…I wonder how long I could make it until I cracked and had to “buy” something!  (Confession…I did spend $24 on candles and hand soap on July 5…I started my no buy the next day. My no buy is continuing until August 6 btw!)   I’m not perfect – I’m still far from being able to resist some sales like Bath & Body Works Semi Annual  sale and their candles at less than half price!  However – in a year – I can say “no” to buying a heck of a lot easier than I could before.  I don’t have the voice in my head asking “do you really need that?!” its saying..”You really want to save for vacation.”

I know I will cave in August – its my birthday month.  With birthday months and frequent shopping – I’ve already gathered a small pile of birthday coupons from my favorite stores (Victorias Secret, JcPenney, Torrid, Herbergers/Younkers) each are for at least $10 – JCP is $15.  My quest is to see what I can score with coupons and sales and try to get some awesome deals to share with you at the end of the month.  I would love to spend less than $20 of my own money and get some steals at the same time.  I’ll let you know how that goes!

My biggest tip for accomplishing a no-buy month is this – Delete!  I am bombarded with a handful of emails daily from various stores online offering me some pretty great things.  Last year I would open them…scan through, be tempted, and them move on.  This year – Delete!  I knew it was hard to resist a sale…it still is!  But avoiding the email completely was the trick for me.

My other tip – online shopping carts.  When I was super tempted to buy, I would shop online, put the item in my cart, and walk away for at least 48hrs.  I didn’t make a single purchase.  If you are still “lusting” after something 48hrs later…just buy it already.  If you’re me, you’ll cave, buy it plus other things you don’t really need later thus spending more than you would have to begin with.

Have you tried “NO BUY” months?  How did it go for you?  I’d love to read how you fared or any other tips you discovered during the month.

Thanks for stopping by Gracious Luck today!

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