Essie Encrusted ~ Lots of Lux { review }

PicsArt_1405380748703I was lucky to be given this polish by a really great friend – so it was perfect to feature it in my ModCloth challenge because I love the color and effect it leaves behind!

Since this is my first textured polish (I know I’m about a year late!) – I wanted to share some of my thoughts on it.  I’ve been fascinated by the textured polishes out there but was never sure about the finish and how it would look on my hands.  Since this was a gift – I figured why not try it and see how I like it!?

I used my current favorite base coat from Sephora Formula X – and applied 2 coats of Essie’s Lots of Lux.

Right away I noticed that it “appears” to dry super fast…but don’t be fooled, it can be smudged for a few minutes after so be sure its set before doing anything that will bump or smudge your nails!

If you read my ModCloth Nail Klub post – you’ll see that I put some dots on an accent nail – this textured polish didn’t do well with the dots on top – they chipped off after a day and a half – but that could be partly my fault for not getting them “stuck” down.

The polish lasted about a week with minor wear on my tips and also started chipping there first.  I was really surprised at how long it lasted with out a top coat.

I would say that its a bit of  a pain to get off your nails, I had to let the cotton pad sit on my nails for a bit before trying to remove it.  I also found I had the best luck using pure acetone instead of your average strengthening or nourishing type of remover.

Bottom Line – I really like this polish, its different but in a great way.  It is a pain to get off but so is glitter – so if you look at it with that mentality – its an awesome polish and it lasted much longer than I thought it would.  I also love the matte finish but there are tiny flecks of glitter that catch the light so it adds demension.

Have you tried this formula?  Or textured polish?  I’d love to hear your recommendations for other polishes or any tricks you’ve found in removing yours!

Thanks for stopping by Gracious Luck today!


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