GL Gets Fit {weekly update #1}

plank challangeHi loves!  My first week of doing the Plank Challenge is over – I didn’t know if I would make it but I did!  (YAY!)  I’ll admit the first day was horrible – I could only make it 10 seconds at a time, but day 2 I could make it 20 before crashing to the floor!  I’m sure I’m quite a sight trying to do my daily planks, but either I’m figuring it out and getting a little stronger or doing it wrong! 🙂  I’m going to say I’m getting a tiny bit stronger each day!  I sneezed the other day (thanks allergies) and ab muscles hurt – I’m taking it as a good and hilarious sign!

Weekly update – I gained 1 pound.
No excuses, it was eating out a couple times with friends and splurging on really delicious and really unhealthy things!

I’ve realized to keep myself focused on the end goal – I need to weigh in every morning.  I’m only going to track once a week but this helps me put a number on what I’m working towards.  I gained a pound…gotta reel it in today.  Or I lost a pound…keep on keeping on!

I’ve also got to go shopping and pick up some more healthier snacks since I’m out.  Lately I’ve been on an almond kick.  Speaking of health eating –  I’m also terrible at eating my veggies.  Seriously…I hate vegetables!  Unless they are raw and with dip!  My goal through this process is to try new foods.  Slowly and try finding veggies that I like or can at least eat!

Since a couple of you asked about the plank challenge I included the graphic that inspired me to jump on the challenge.  I’d love to hear if you’ve tried it, or in the middle of it.

After the first week – my trick is to put on some good music to distract me, tv and silence makes me watch the timer too much.  Music gets my focus elsewhere.

Thanks for reading along – hopefully next week I’ll have better news on on the pounds gained/lost front!

Have a great day!

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