GL Gets Fit {weekly update #3}

Start now.Hi Loves!  This week’s update is a sober one – I haven’t lost any pounds again but I am losing in my measurements and that is better to me than the numbers on a scale.

Today marks a little over 2 months since I made a decision to get back in shape and in a better place health wise.  Two months ago today – I took my first set of measurements, every couple weeks I’ve been checking in to see where I’m at.  Once I complete the plank challenge – (I’m on day 22) – I’ll give you an update on the measurements.

Planking has finally hit its peak – I cannot hold much longer than 2 minutes in a full extended forearm plank so when I’m about to fall – I put my knees down and continue holding it.  I’m starting to feel definition in my biceps and as I’m doing the exercise feel the muscles working across my chest, shoulders, and in my core muscles.  I’m determined to continue even if the second half is on my knees!  I also have noticed that with past wrist/pre-carpal tunnel problems, some sort of pressure on my elbow nerves is causing a bit of discomfort in my wrists…I’m going to keep an eye on that and try an alternative form so they aren’t being bothered as much.

While I don’t have any amazing and wonderful news like I lost xx pounds, I’m going to continue tracking my food and gradually working in more exercise and moving towards better choices.  This past week was my birthday – so I’m not going to lie – I had cake and some not so healthy meals.  I’m not perfect and its hard to resist some things but baby steps – as the quote I chose this week states…I didn’t get overweight in a day – and I’m not going to lose it all in a day.

Thanks for stopping by Gracious Luck today!

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