GL gets fit {weekly update #4}

weight loss food:  Just to remind myself.   DO IT. GET THERE. DON'T STOP.Hi Loves!  I’m a day late – I’m so sorry!! I have been battling an infection, after a visit to the doctor and getting some meds, I had an allergic reaction to the pills.  It was a little alarming but I’m back on track -I’m  still recovering from it but at least feel human!   

Since I was laid up for a couple days fighting off the reaction – (first time I didn’t realize what was happening, second time…I called the doctor!)  my plank challenge which was on target to wrap up Today 9/3 – will now be completed on Friday. 😦  I was not in a good place health wise so chose to focus on getting better before completing it.  I am happy to report that until Sunday night – I was totally on track with never missing a day and even took my yoga mat on a family vacation to do my planks.

None the less – I did my weekly weigh in and was maintaining but after being sick again yesterday from the second reaction, I figured why not see if I lost anything over night since I didn’t eat much besides breakfast, lunch, and crackers!  I lost 3 pounds in a day.  I’m not suggesting this is the way to do it – but it kind of made me smile after feeling like crud the past few days!

I hope you like today’s quote.  I’m a quote girl – I have been my entire life, in my childhood room you’ll still find quotes taped to walls that kept me motivated in high school!

I thought this one was fitting because after 4 weeks of a nearly consistent plank challenge and getting in random exercise, I’m feeling a difference in my arms and legs.  I’ll share a measurement’s update after I complete the plank in next week’s post.

Scales are ok to help keep me motivated and realize that I need to continuously make better food choices, but its that little yellow measuring tape that gets me excited to see if I’ve lost any thing…or gained.

This is just a short update – I’ll let you know about my plank experience next week and how I’ve felt throughout the entire process.

Thanks for dropping by Gracious Luck today!

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