Wine Weekends ~ Strawbale Winery – Renner, SD

PicsArt_1409919410845Hi Loves!  Last year we sort of started a tradition with visiting local wineries around Labor Day.  Last year my family and I had fun with it so decided it was time to do it again.

Labor Day 2014’s Pick –

Strawbale Winery – Renner, SD

This was based on a recommendation from a coworker who visits this winery and though it would be perfect for our family road trip.

It is just a little north of Sioux Falls, SD and about 2 hours from where I grew up.  It could easily have been a day trip but this year we decided to stay over in Sioux Falls and check out the town a little more.  Now – about the winery!

As you drive in its set just off the interstate a couple miles so you can’t hear traffic and can truly unwind with a glass of wine.  The landscaping is also beautiful!  I couldn’t get enough of the red buildings paired with the yellow sunflowers.  It was such a perfect contrast.  The staff was very friendly and explained their wines to us.  For $5 you get 5 samples and a tasting glass.  This was a nice touch because you can take something with you as a reminder of the experience.

The bar top is also a chalkboard so you get a piece of chalk and you can write your 5 choices down and then make notes or marks so you know which ones you prefer.

I chose to try their – Kay Gray, Pear, Cranberry, Chokecherry, and White Table wine.  I like that the staff then looked at your list and gave you the tasting in order of how it would best taste.

My pick:


  • That tart, healthy little red berry, fermented and bottled with just the right balance.
    Served chilled or warmed with added mulling spices. Sweet.

I think the cranberry chilled wine is sweet, tart, and refreshing.  This will be perfect for us to try around the holidays!  Another favorite flavor in the family was their Red Barn Red.

I love checking out little places like this where you can sip wine, visit, and relax.  Check out some pictures of the winery below!

Thanks for stopping by Gracious Luck today!

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