GL Gets Fit {weekly update #6}

Hi Loves!  It literally just dawned on me that this is 6 weeks my get fit journey.  So time to take a step back.  In six weeks I’ve lost around 10 pounds and 1o inches.  Now…I’m going to be honest…I haven’t been “working” that hard at getting fit.  Actually, I’ve been pretty lazy at it.  One thing that helped keep me accountable was a 30 day challenge.  I got satisfaction from crossing off each day – and it kept me going because my check list was also hanging right beside my computer on my desk.  It was in my face constantly – and motivated me to cross off another day.

The plank helped with my back and shoulders which is an issue for me since I spend 8-15 hours a day in front of a computer.  Hello permanently slumped shoulders!  (not quite..but close!)  Seriously though, my shoulders have been an issue for me for the past few years so for the next 30 days – I’m starting a new challenge!

The 30 Day Back Challenge!  I’m really excited for this.  I started day 1 on Monday (9/15/14).  After the first day  – I was definitely feeling the burn, but I’ve got this!  Plus – this will help define my arms and maybe help with my flabby upper arms.  (The plank did help create some definition – now I want to keep the momentum going!)

I’m also hoping that as this progresses, I’ll burn more calories and maybe loose a few pounds.  Last – I’m working towards more exercise – its a work in progress!

Here’s my new challenge – I’d love if you join me on the challenge!! – Have you tried this?  What keeps you motivated and moving?

30 day back challenge

Thanks for stopping by Gracious Luck today!

2 thoughts on “GL Gets Fit {weekly update #6}

  1. TheFeminineFiles says:

    Thats some good progress for being “lazy” LOL! I am glad you posted this…I have a bad lower back and I really need to start strengthening it up! Good luck 🙂

    • jen says:

      Thanks! 🙂 I also had bad lower back issues in the past from a sports injury in high school – so I feel your “pain”! It sucks – maybe this would help build up some muscle. The plank also works the core really well and honestly I felt that in my abs and lower back as well as shoulders and arms.

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